Healed with Healy and EnergyTeam

by Julie Good

EnergyTeam is a group focused on wellness, healing and health. Ryli Jetton of the company highlights the companies abilities to promote wellness from overall healthy living tips to acute pain and soreness healing. Ryli draws attention to their Healy device which is a personal biofeedback scanning device that has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for use in healing and alleviating acute arthritis, joint and muscle pain and soreness. Utilizing microcurrents, this device remedies pains and aches from overuse and exertion. It also aides in overall wellness by utilizing non-medical applications to help with relaxation, balancing your mind, and improving overall stress levels. The folks at EnergyTeam are committed to a balanced, pain-free, healthier way of living and are doing all they can to help others achieve this as well through Healy and their other resources.


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