Self Defense Classes Enrolling for Youth & Adults
In this ever changing and dangerous world your life can change in an instance. Being prepared with the right skills is paramount to staying safe and surviving. Jesse Beebe of Jaguar Self Defense is a self-defense expert who provides our community with Krav Maga, Kali, Taekwondo, and helps individuals get and learn to use their Conceal Carry permit.

When it comes to self-defense, Jaguar Self Defense believes you knowing the right reflex, weak points, and practical weapon defense techniques is important. Jaguar offers adults and youth individuals and families with memberships to learn each self-defense style. Programs are enrolling now and options exist for each day of the week.

Currently, Jesse & his team are also planning a Conceal Carry course for December 11th and a Handgun Bootcamp for January 8th. Enrollment is happening now and spaces are limited. Contact Jesse at Jaguar Self Defense to get registered for courses, classes, and training memberships by calling: 314-498-8601.


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