MASU Makes Paper Planet-Friendly

Libby Hampel of MASU tells us that there are two words for giving in Japanese – they are agemasu and kuremasu. The root of both of these words, MASU, is the namesake for Libby’s eco-friendly gift and wrapping-paper business. As founder and designer of these one-of-a-kind wrapping papers, Libby knew that MASU would need to embody all forms of giving, so her line is full of unique patterns for any occasion. MASU creates eco-friendly paper products with playful designs and an American-made focus. MASU takes on a holistic approach to being eco-friendly, from their products to their business practices; they consistently consider their impact on humanity and the environment overall. Libby is an artist and is very tech-savvy so she incorporates both of these talents into her business. Her wrapping paper is 100% PCW (post-consumer waste) recycled and recyclable, with a velvety smooth finish on both sides, and is thicker than traditional gift wrap.
MASU shines with its artistic designs, distinct color palettes, and commitment to the environment!

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