What’s ‘On Fire Over Fifty’ at Serendipity Salon & Gallery?
A whole lot of people are, that’s what! During the pandemic, hair artist Elizabeth Jordheim experienced the loss of her mother- a devastating ripple was sent through her and a calling awoke to open her gallery, salon, and event space. Now, Elizabeth celebrates the Columbia community by hosting exhibits, events, and shows. One such event coming to Serendipity Salon and Gallery is the new OFOF Awards Ceremony. The On Fire Over Fifty recognition ceremony will be held on September 28, 2022 at 1020 East Walnut Street in downtown Columbia. During the event which runs 6-7pm the group will celebrate up to 7 amazing individuals who have had an impact on our community, strived through adversity, and are enjoying a cadence of success in the second half of their era. Join in and get a ticket to this event. One of the inaugural honorees being showcased that night will be Stacie Pottinger.
Inside Ragtag Film Society and the True/False Film Festival hides (not, really, she’s pretty visible) a face you may not know: Stacie Pottinger! Stacie is a nationally recognized photographer, who works under the name, Anatasia Pottinger. As the founder of Rogue Studio, her photo series profiled men and women over the age of one hundred, was made into a book entitled 100:What Time Creates. Quarantine came and went and Stacie transitioned to the non-profit sector as the first Director of Development & Communication for RagTag Film Society. In her role within our community she finds herself being able to promote and create sustained space for art, artists, and the stories of unimaginable individuals (especially those in marginalized communities). Fundraising is essential, tough, and often thankless work. Stacie greets the world of challenge with a smile, a warm hug, and squeezes the challenge until it crumbles in her arms. Come hear the stories of amazing individuals that are living their best life, impacting communities, and reaching new heights in life while overcoming adversities on September 28, 2022 at Serendipity Salon and Gallery.
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