CPS Students Win Inaugural AdZou Challenge

*Photo caption* From left to right: Jessica Xie, Greta Frymire, India Bratrud, Isaac Lewis and Ellie Orr
COLUMBIA, MISSOURI, Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2021 — High schoolers from across Missouri gathered at the Missouri School of Journalism Tuesday, Dec. 7. They descended to this higher education institution to compete in the inaugural AdZou Challenge. It was sponsored by the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism’s strategic communication department and led by Professor Jon Stemmle. The event saw teams from 15 Missouri high schools vie to create the best advertising campaign for a hypothetical marketing project.The purpose was to introduce high school students to the opportunities and hands-on education style available through the program and current practices in the workforce. Students were briefed on the scenario — Samsung is releasing a new smartphone, the “Galaxy Pro,” and wants to get the word out about the phone ahead of an upcoming trade showcase — and given 80 minutes to create a comprehensive plan for an ad campaign. The teams were judged on the creativity of their ideas, understanding of the product’s target audience, the strategic tactics they proposed to reach that audience and the overall quality of the presentations.A group of public relations and marketing professionals from Kansas City and St. Louis judged the presentations, posing as Samsung executives for the competition. A team from Columbia Public Schools Columbia Area Career Center and Hickman High School won “Overall Team Champion” and “Best Tactics.” The members of the team are India Bratrud, Greta Frymire, Isaac Lewis, Ellie Orr and Jessica Xie. Their marketing instructors are John “Scott” Fuenfhausen, Michelle Kelley and Hannah Lenz.CACC is a part of CPS and serves the community by providing the following education programs to various ages, including, but not limited to, career and technical education, college preparation, personal enrichment, literacy advancement and workforce development. The vision is to be a national leader in career and technical education. For more information, visit our website at www.career-center.org.

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