The Dogs Have Your Back

by Julie Good

Disabled Advantage Dog Training and Consulting LLC is an online dog training and coaching business that is dedicated to helping people live with CRPS/RSD or other chronic pain related disorders. Services dogs are monumental in helping people overcome hardships, and the folks and canines at Disabled Advantage are dedicated to providing a better way of life for all individuals in the community. Sally Fowler, the owner and trainer of Disabled Advantage works closely with her own service dog, Austin. Her firsthand experience with the way of the program helps her to provide excellent support and resources to the customers and their furry counterparts. Everything from training to coaching is done through Zoom so that their program can be readily accessible by all kinds of people throughout the United States. Having CRPS herself, Sally intimately knows how challenging it can be to cope with the disorder, which is why she is so passionate about the work they do at Disabled Advantage. Her and Austin are paving the way for better ways of life for all of their clients nationwide.


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