Dreaming Big With Dream Tree Academy 573
Dream Tree Academy 573 gives the at-risk youth of the Columbia community opportunities they haven’t been exposed to before and would not be exposed to without their program. Dream Tree Academy 573 helps provide structure to underserved families in the area by creating action plans with the youth and helping to break generational trends. The people behind Dream Tree, Raymond Hall, Executive Director and Founder, Karmella Wright, Vice President, and Eddie Pilot, Community Outreach Coordinator,  all have some type of firsthand experience with living in an at-risk area or environment, so they’re very dedicated to helping promote opportunities for the youth of Columbia and surrounding areas. They assist at-risk youth between the ages of eleven and eighteen years old, and all of their classes and afterschool programs are free, because Dream Tree truly wants to see the youth in the community succeed. As a nonprofit organization, they rely heavily on community help and support. Please consider donating to Dream Tree Academy 573 here: dreamtreeacademy.com
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