This pageant-winning Queen, and current reiginging Ms. Classy Missouri of the Pure International Pageant system wears her sash with dignity and knows as a Pure International Pageant Queen she has to “Be the Impact”. Bonaparte is known to commit literal “random acts of kindness” that tickle your heart and warm your cheeks with a grin. Bonaparte has made it an ongoing commitment to celebrate “Everyday Queens” across the state. Folks nominate (or Delsiebrings attention to folks she encounters) that are bringing cheer, goodwill, and positive impact into everyday life. At the end of January, 2021 Nclusion+Club did a charity fundraiser benefiting Jabberwocky Studios Columbia. With the entertainers donating their show pay, the audience donating tips, and Nclusion donating door cash most would have thought that was enough. However, Delsie offered an additional donation doubling the overall amount. That’s what being an impact in your community is all about.