Melody Whitworth of Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue tells us the organization is the first and foremost company to work directly with owners to better the lives of dogs penned or chained on properties and backyards. Dogs in such situations do not have a voice of their own, so it is crucial for companies like Unchained Melodies, and owners alike, to work on the behalf of the animals. Unchained Melodies is an organization that prides itself on being an advocate for abused and neglected animals by pushing for change through legislation and education alike. Unchained Melodies also serves as a resource for the community, in part with their force-free training classes for animals and owners, but also with a variety of course offerings, dog walks, and social hours for owners to choose from. Their trainer, Kai M. from Devoted Dog, leads all of their training courses. They pride themselves on being informative yet fun for everyone involved. There’s sure to be something for every dog and every owner at Unchained Melodies!


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