Catering From A Kenyan Kitchen

By Julie Good  |

Getting world-renowned, cultural cuisine can be difficult when you live in central Missouri. But gifted chef Bridgit Murima is making it a little easier for Columbia’s residents by bringing traditional Kenyan dishes to your plate, straight from her kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a catered party or a family event, Bridgit has just the fix for you! She takes orders, delivers and offers a pick-up option as well.

Not only is her food traditionally Kenyan, but her flavors provide a punch and a trip around the world with every mouthful. You’ll want your stretchy pants if you order from Bridgit, because her global grub is incredibly adventurous, delicious and hearty all the same. So if a trip to Kenya just isn’t in the books right now, but you are hankering for some of their favorite fares, try Bridgit in the Kitchen for your culinary needs!


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