The Old Neighborhood Café

by Julie Good

The Leitza family has been working the food industry for many years. Vanessa Leitza, owner of The Old Neighborhood Café in Columbia has worked her way up from a server to now business owner of a successful eatery. Along with her son, Jake, she transitioned from a private chef to a restaurateur and opened The Old Neighborhood Café in June. They are dedicated to serving up good wholesome food at their place of business and they firmly believe the best ingredient in every dish is love. Their roots run deep to a place of cooking up family recipes in the kitchen with Grandma. They cater to every taste and desire by mixing up their menu with daily soup and sandwich combos, seasonal menu changes and family meals to-go. The Leitza family and their cozy place for food are doling up comfort food and home cooking for the COMO area, all made with love.


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